Pears are rounded or tear shaped and most have 5 cell compartments with 1 or 2 seeds , although there are varieties that do not. Pear skin is particularly rich in nutrients such as pectin, among others.

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A variety that has a delicate flesh with a unique density and crunchiness, it is very sweet and aromatic. Its key characteristic is its green colour mixed with a natural smooth russet that resemble the colours of the land where it has been grown.

Available from the middle of August to the end of April. See calendar >
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Green Williams

It is a variety with a very white flesh, juicy, sweet and very perfumed. It has a very irregular shape, with a wide base, and a bright green skin than turns into yellow as it ripens.

Available from the middle of August to April. See calendar >

Pear provides healthy sugars and fibre for slower absorption to provide energy and vitality.