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Apples are one of the fruits with the widest number of varieties, there are over 20.000 varieties worldwide though the number of the ones commercialised is much lower. Originally probably from Asia, Roman and Arabic population brought apples into Spain. Now a days Spain is one of the biggest producers worldwide.


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Pears are especially appreciated by plenty of cultures due to its nutritional properties, and excellent flavour. It is one of the species with the lowest caloric content, just 50 calories per each 100g. However is rich in vitamins, minerals , acids ( such as oleic or folic ) and also has a high fibre content.


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Orchard® grows up to 13 cherry varieties available from early May till late July.

We grow and sell more than 13 varieties of cherries to enjoy form the end of April to the end of July. Cherries are native to Eastern Europe and Asia. They spread through the world with human and bird migrations, being grown now in many countries in the template zones of the globe.