Apples have been a symbolic product throughout history. Even without knowing its nutritional composition, popular wisdom has always highlighted the healthy properties of apples, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.

comprar manzana royal gala

Royal Gala

A bicolour variety recognised by its striped red surface over a light green surface, though nowadays we can find also full red clones. Its flesh is deep white, crunchy and firm. With every bite you can hear the crunch of the flesh while experiencing the aroma and sweetness of its delicate fresh juice. Also very aromatic and juicy, it originates from New Zealand.

Available from the end of July to May. See calendar >
manzana rockit


It is the smallest apple in the world over achieving on its organoleptic attributes. With a bright and intense red colour, the crunchiness, sweetness and smooth acidity, will full your mouth with a new fresh sensation that will make you want another one. Its convenient tube packaging makes Rockit the healthiest snack ever. Read more at

Available from the end of July to March. See calendar >
manzana golden delicious

Golden Delicious

Its light green skin, delicately peppered with tiny lenticels, makes Golden Delicious a delicious apple for children. A unique aroma, with a high sweetness, combines a light acidity to give its crunchy and dense flesh, the prefect texture for the best bite.

Available from the middle of September to the end of March. See calendar >

Red delicious

Red Delicious has a thicker deep red bright skin, with a very juicy and crunchy white flesh. With a sweet flavour, it has a very low acidity that enhances its excellent aroma.

Available from the middle of September to the end of March. See calendar >
manzana granny smith

Granny Smith

Originally from Australia, with a deep green colour its main characteristic is its acidity that together with a high sweetness combines perfectly well to give you the fresh and crispy flavour of and excellent fruit.

Available from the middle of September to the end of February. See calendar >
manzana opal

Opal ®

An intelligent cross of Golden Delicious and Topaz that has given a brilliant apple that will awake your senses with every bite. Deeply sweet with well-balanced acidity combines the best flavour and aroma ever in an apple. It guarantees a taste sensation with every bite. Read more at opal-apple-com.

Available from October to the end of April. See calendar >

Apples are one of the best pieces of fruit grown, high juice content, rich in fibre, potassium and vitamin E, and with a high antioxidant effect, is one of the most complete and rich fruit in the diet.