Logistics & Distribution

Our production and supply capacity is equivalent to the size of our facilities and staff. The trust of our clients supports us, with 15 % of our production for the domestic market and 85% for export.

The best customer service

Our facility has a specific logistics area, with an exclusive department to attend our customers and consumers requirements.

We are located on a strategic location with privileged connections to distribute our fresh fruit within both Spain and our global markets keeping totally the freshness of our fruit.

Timely supply is the hallmark of our transportation system so that consumers can enjoy the highest quality and freshness of our fruit.

Logistic area

Our shipments are handled with strict accuracy to preserve the freshness of the fruit.

Customer Support

Qualified and experienced professionals provide the best customer care.

Timeliness of delivery

We understand our product and know that it is important to be accurate in the final delivery, to ensure and deliver all the shelf life at the end of the supply chain.