Orchard® has developed the QORC Quality Systems, integrating the most important international Standards in Food Safety, Quality and Environmental matters. Fully understanding the complexity of the new market trends, our Quality policy is based on 6 main pillars.

  • Control of the crop and the production through Global G.A.P., Tesco Nurture, F2F (Field to Fork), Leaf Marque & ISO 14:001:2008 through IMP.
  • A concise and reliable traceability system from the orchards to the final consumer.
  • Control of the operational processes, certified on BRC at the highest level A+, on TPPS (Tesco Produce Pack house Standard) y Wal-Mart Security Chain, all of them based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). And ultimately certify in ISO 9001:2008
  • Efficiencies on continuous improvement through collaborative national and international Research & Innovation projects that allow us to assess our quality base on better efficiencies on our agronomical and industrial processes.
  • Ethical commitment towards our Human team, through Sedex membership and certify on Grasp, and Smeta, also promoting collaborative actions and labour conciliation.
  • Commitment to the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability through Corporate Social Responsibility. Know more >


Projects for Environmental sustainability

  • CProduct life cycle Product life-cycle management is analysed from the growing side on the farms all the way until the piece of fruit reach consumers, to reduce the impact of its carbon footprint.
  • Know - How At Orchard® we work closely with other producers in the valley sharing our know -how and our cultivar experience to help the valley have better returns to the environment and the society itself.
  • Global Gap and Sedex membership Orchard® is focus on direct collaboration on the standards to help improving its implementation worldwide.

Social projects

  • Future professionals Orchard Fruit Co. works together with the University of Zaragoza on certain matters to give future professionals a closer training towards to industry.
  • “5 a day” Orchard Fruit Co. membership to the 5 a day National campaign to support and to promote good and innovative ideas, by working together with several schools and institutions of our community.
  • Collaboration and Sponsorship of non-profit associations Orchard® collaborates with various local non-profit organizations to help the projects that focus on those most in need.