Our Farms and Crops

Our own farms produce fresh fruit in a privileged location based on the Moncayo slopes, with a clear direction towards a socio-economical and environmental sustainability within our agricultural processes using state-of-art technologies on IMP and biological controls to grow residue free fresh fruit with the highest quality.

Fruit Selection & Packaging

Our leading technology on handling processes allows us to deliver customers the best fruit we grow, delivering exactly what they want, when they want and in the format that they want. Our great team is our biggest value, a team of highly qualified and efficient professionals committed to give to our customers the best service ever.

Logistics & Distribution

We design and implement processes with total efficiency throughout the supply chain, managing 100 % of the product from the farm throughout the supply chain to the final consumer. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the experience of tasting the best fresh fruit that we call " The Original Fruit Experience", and that can only be achieved in combination with a streamlined logistic process.