Fruit Selection & Packaging

Colour, firmness, size and quality are all important attributes in our fresh fruit, due to modern growing techniques and handling processes daily assessed against high efficiency objectives and the most exigent quality systems.

Our selection and packaging center

In our facilities we invest in state of art technology on dynamic atmosphere, and ULO systems with a capacity of 15.000t of fresh fruit, technology that helps us achieve the best of our industrial processes, to cover our customer needs with the highest efficiency and flexibility. There is substantial on-going investment in technology in packing processes to enhance the freshness of the fruit to our consumers, by packing our fruit in the most convenient pack types that covers their needs and surpass their expectations, giving the added value of innovation directly to them. We have our own quality lab together with our R&D lab, where we research, assess and develop attributes and new processes, that keep us one-step ahead our customer’s needs. The versatility in the presentation of our products allows us to deliver fresh fruit in perfect condition, delivering fruit to our customers that exceed their expectations.


State-of-art technology

On Dynamic atmosphere, controlled atmosphere and ULO systems with ultimate technology on automatic packing processes.

Flexibility and efficiency

15.000t capacity for fresh fruit to satisfy our customer needs.

Added Value directly to the consumers

With a wide range of innovative packaging to deliver beyond customer expectations.