Our Outstanding Quality Cherries grown and managed in the orchards to produce the Biggest and Sweetest Cherries will keep you wanting more of the Original Fruit due to the unique taste experience they offer.

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Red cherries

Nimba | Red Pacific | Frisco | Chelan | Cashmere | s-3-13 | Santina | Tulare | Sofía | Siete | Cristalina | 64-76 Somerset | Lapins | Kordia | Regina | Skeena

From deep red to deep mahogany the red varieties we grow cover a wide range of taste preferences. These varieties give very crispy, juicy and very aromatic pieces of fruit with stunning sizes.

Available from the end of April to the end of July. See calendar >
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White cherries

Star Blush | Rainier

Rainier is a big cherry variety, well know due to its yellow coloration with a nice deep blush, that might cover on certain clones almost 100% of the fruit. It has a deep and very sweet flavour. Star blush variety is a very juicy and crunchy variety which main characteristic is its big size and vivid pink blush.

Available from the beginning of may to july. See calendar >

Cherries are great blood tonic and rich in vitamin C. They also contain anthocyanins, which give them its typical red colour and its strong antioxidant power.

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