Farms and Crops

Our fruit is grown at between 400 and 800m altitudes, spread across more than 350 hectares in the Valley of the Jalón River. This is a location with an exceptional climate that enhances the colour, firmness, aroma and flavour of our crops giving us fruit with exceptional organoleptic attributes.

Our crops

The pillars of our daily work in the farms are IMP practices that optimize the biological processes needed to guarantee a sustainable agriculture, and welfare to our environment. We also develop our agronomical processes towards residue free fresh fruit. The continuous investment in our orchards of which 100% is covered with hail net systems, is supported by the success of our research and development, national and international projects, allowing us to improve the quality of our fruit and ensure an excellent service to our customers and consumers. We invest our own financial and human resources in new farming techniques, developing Integrated Environmental Management Plans to preserve and optimize the environmental biodiversity of our community.

Privileged Location

Where we grow 350 hectares of land in the Jalón River valley.

Exceptional climate

Enhancing an exceptional fresh fruit quality with the best organoleptic attributes.

Hail net Systems

That guarantees the highest quality and best service to our consumers.

Hail net Systems

That guarantees the highest quality and best service to our consumers.

The Original Fruit


Royal Gala | Rockit® | Golden Delicious | Red Delicious | Granny Smith | Opal®


Conference | Green Williams


Red cherries | White cherries
We grow 18 varieties of cherries to enjoy from the end of April to July.

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