Orchard Fruit Co.


FAMILY Company

We have 15 years of leading industry experience with growing, packing and exporting fresh fruit of the highest quality to key world markets.
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TOP orchards

We grow our fruit in a unique location, employing state-of-art growing technology with IMP and biological control.
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We are among the earliest NORTHERN HEMISPHERE PRODUCERS of the varieties of APPLES, PEARS and CHERRIES that we grow.
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We are leaders in quality, service, food safety, efficiency and growth, always working to achieve the most demanding international quality protocols.
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The Original Fruit


Royal Gala | Rockit® | Golden Delicious | Red Delicious | Granny Smith | Opal®


Conference | Green Williams


Red cherries | Green williams
We grow 18 varieties of cherries to enjoy from the end of April to July.

Processing of our CHERRIES

We are specialists growers of apples, pears and cherries, and we are also highly committed to innovation and research. We manage the whole process, from our orchards to distribution. A modern and sustainable processing system that ensures maximum quality with state-of-the-art technology and the highest standards.


Know the international customers already trusting in our Quality and Service

Premium Quality

Biological control towards a sustainable agriculture