We work in the continuous improvement and evolution of our fruits to reach the maximum quality in our environmentally sustainable orchards, investigating and innovating new varieties, techniques and processes.


New fruit varieties and formats for emerging consumer trends (Trendy Fruit)

Summon: Retos Colaboración 2016
Grant: Co-funding

Reference: RTC-2016-4838-2


Sustainable intensification and new strategies for physiopathies and pathologies control in cherry trees growing.

Summon: Project IBEROEKA
Grant: No funds

Reference: EXP 00073753/IBE-20140003


Technological innovations to improve competitiveness in high quality cherry processing

Summon: CDTI Innovation Line
Grant: Co-funding

Reference: EXP 00065342/IDI-20130785


High quality cherries for Asian and South African markets (Exportcherry)

Convocatoria: INNPACTO 2012
Ayuda: Co-funding

Reference: IPT-2012-1224-060000


Integral quality improvement of stone fruit: from the field to the products of tomorrow

Summon: INNPACTO subprogramme
Grant: Co-funding

Reference: IPT-060000-2010-0017


Eureka Project. Development of new technologies in high quality cherry and pear

Summon: EUREKA Project
Grant: Co-funding

Reference: EXP 00008592/IDI-20070864

The Original Fruit


Royal Gala | Rockit® | Golden Delicious | Red Delicious | Granny Smith | Opal®


Conference | Green Williams


Red cherries | White cherries
We grow 18 varieties of cherries to enjoy from the end of April to July.

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